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Great Lakes Chapter of SPOOM

Isaac Ludwig Mill
Sawmill operating by Certified Craftsperson
Steam Engine & Boiler managed by Engineer
Blacksmith Forge
Machine Shop
-Flour Bolter
-Flour Dust Collector (large)
-Barrel Flour Packer
and MUCH, MUCH MORE ! ! !



The Great Lakes
Chapter of SPOOM

The purposes of the Great Lakes Chapter of SPOOM are as follows:


A gathering of SPOOM members from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan took place at Bonneyville Mill on May 24, 1981. Although considerable discussion about forming a regional chapter of SPOOM had taken place, no firm commitment had been made. A driving force, Leona Hutchings persevered and several years later, the group determined that a chapter should be formed.

On May 18, 1985 at the Wolcott Mill in Macomb County, MI, those present voted to form a chapter. They adopted the name "Great Lakes Chapter" and appointed temporary officers to handle business while the constitution and bylaws were written. Permanent officers were elected on October 5, 1985. The officers elected were Bill Tomas, President; Ron Studer, Vice President; Dorothy Sherman, Secretary/Treasurer; and Fred Beals and Don Dood, Chapter Directors.

Since its formation in 1985, the Great Lakes Chapter has hosted two annual SPOOM Conferences ( 1989 and 1995) in addition to encouraging mill preservation in the Great Lakes Region.

The Great Lakes Chapter gathers twice each year (May and October) at a different location with a mill tour and a short business meeting. Meeting notices are mailed to all members and guests are welcome.



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Great Lakes Chapter of SPOOM
(Society for the Preservation of Old Mills)
Mills Open to the Public
(Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin)

De Immigrant Wind Mill - Fulton Illinois
Fabyan Windmill - Geneva Illinois
Franklin Creek Grist Mill - Franklin Grove Illinois
Graue Mill - Oak Brook Illinois
Samuel Hill Carding Mill - Petersburg Illinois
Camron-Rutledge Grist Mill - Petersburg Illinois
Camron-Rutledge Saw Mill - Petersburg Illinois
Woodward Mill - Rockford Illinois
Peotone Windmill - Peotone Illinois
Praire Mills Windmill - Golden Illinois

Adams Mill - Cutler Indiana
Becks Mill - Salem Indiana
Bonneyville Mill - Bristol Indiana
Bridgeton Mill - Bridgeton Indiana
Deep River Woods Grist Mill - Hobart Indiana
Greenfield Mills - North Howe Indiana
Jasper City Mill - Jasper Indiana
Mansfield Mill - Carbon Indiana
Metamora Mill - Metamora Indiana
Stockdale Mill - Roann Indiana
Spring Mill - Mitchell Indiana
Squire Boone Mill - Mauckport Indiana
Thomas Mill - Marion Indiana
Younts Woolen Mill - Crawfordsville Indiana

Atlas Mill - Flint Michigan
DeZwaan Windmill - Holland Michigan
Dundee Mill - Dundee Michigan
Martinsville Cider Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Cape Cod Wind Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Loranger Grist Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Plymouth Carding Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Spofford Saw Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Stony Creek Saw Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Tripp Saw Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Hanks Silk Mill - Greenfield Village - Dearborn Michigan
Mill Creek Saw Mill - Mackinac State Park - Mackinac Island Michigan
Pears Mill - Buchanan Michigan
Tom Walker's Grist Mill - Parshallville Cider Mill - Fenton Michigan
Westwind Milling - Linden Michigan
Wolcott Mill - Ray Michigan
Yates Cider Mill - Rochester Hills Michigan

Algonquin Steam Mill - Carrollton Ohio
Bear's Mill - Greenville Ohio
Clifton Mills - Clifton Ohio
Fowler's Mill - Chardon Ohio
Gaston's Mill - East Liverpool Ohio
Indian Mill - Upper Sandusky Ohio
Isaac Ludwig Mill - Providence Ohio
Lanterman's Mill - Youngstown Ohio
Magnolia Flouring Mill - Magnolia Ohio
Rock Mill - Carroll Ohio
Staley Mill - New Carlisle Ohio
Stockport Mill - Stockport Ohio
Wolf Creek Grist Mill - Loudonville Ohio

Beckman Mill - Beloit Wisconsin
Cedarburg Mill - Cedarburg Wisconsin
Davidson Windmill - South Range Wisconsin
Dells Mill - August Wisconsin
Little Chute Windmill - Little Chute Wisconsin
Messer / Mayer Mill - Richfield Wisconsin
Old Feed Mill - Mazomanie Wisconsin